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Privately bookmark web pages, photos, locations, write notes and never forget. Access from mobile or browser. Privately share with others. Choose who you share with.
We'll send you refreshing newsletters with things you marked. You won't forget about them.
      You bumped into a cool web page, blog, article or whatever.At this very moment you don't have enough time to explore it in detail. How often do you bookmark it or make a note about it, and then forget, and never come back?
      Or you found a new place, book, recipe, restaurant, or something else.Again, you bookmark or make a note and it falls through the cracks. Lost forever. is the solution. How does it work? It is very simple.
      • you bookmark web pages and make notes
      • once in a while, we select a few of your bookmarks or notes and email them to you as a reminder
      • you get to define how often (if ever) and how many bookmarks to send in each reminder email
      • the selection is rotated, so you are guaranteed to be reminded of all your bookmarks eventually
      • of course, if you are busy you can just ignore or delete the reminder email
      We'll never send you a single line of spam.Only your own notes and bookmarks that you don't want to forget about. You control how often and how many. We hate spam!
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