You bumped into a cool web page, blog, article or whatever.At this very moment you don't have enough time to explore it in detail. How often do you bookmark it or make a note about it, and then forget, and never come back?
      Or you found a new place, book, recipe, restaurant, or something else.Again, you bookmark or make a note and it falls through the cracks. Lost forever. is the solution. How does it work? It is very simple.
      • you bookmark web pages and make notes
      • once in a while, we select a few of your bookmarks or notes and email them to you as a reminder
      • you get to define how often (if ever) and how many bookmarks to send in each reminder email
      • the selection is rotated, so you are guaranteed to be reminded of all your bookmarks eventually
      • of course, if you are busy you can just ignore or delete the reminder email
      We'll never send you a single line of spam.Only your own notes and bookmarks that you don't want to forget about. You control how often and how many. We hate spam!